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I had exposure to painting and sculpture in my youth at Tagore’s university in Bengal. But I lost touch with painting during my academic career. Since 1994, after my retirement, I started serious effort in creating simple compositions on my PC.

Now I work in a variety of software but primarily Coral Photo Paint9, Painter, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro7. I have done about 700 compositions. One-man shows have been held and some feature articles have appeared in local newspapers. I work only in digital medium from beginning to end. I believe digital medium is a wholesome medium in its own right. Lot of automated imaging is possible on computer but I prefer to work freehand manually.

I find digital medium very effective in giving shape to images and ideas. Creativity and imagination is not bound by any medium. The artistic quality is a unique combination of forms, colours, lines, strokes and composition through which artist gives shape to his ideas and expressions. The originality and creativity of expression is achievable on digital canvas. In some respects, the digital medium is more rich and flexible. I like to play with colour, form, composition and effects.

I love interacting with other artists and art lovers. Send comments or queries at .
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http://www.digitalabstract/vijaybhaiKochar.html bhai_Kochar.htm
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