Vijendra S Vij

The Widow
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I have started my career, as a free-lance painter, the realm of modernism abstract art in Indian traditions. I have painted, series of paintings on the themes of Women's, Musician, Dancing, Photo-Session, Mother and Child, Women with a-parrot / bird / lamb), Relationships, Life-scape, The girl, Fear, Insane, Hope, Life Insatiate, The last century, Lonely Voyager, Exploitation, Relaxation, Pain, She, Three-Sisters, Dissolution, Solitude,
Silence & Compositions - all these titles which, I have given to my creative visual expressions.

I have been already associated with this art, which has matured during the last decade and half. I have matured and is depicting the inner up heavels experienced by my characters. It is in this unique surroundings that my painting depicts the effect of flora & fauna, natural wonders and bring about relationship human misery and the environment governing which always inspirated me to work on it. Inspirations for expression emerge around and within me.

I have never got a chance of any formal art college training. I grew up under the motivation and tutelage of Mr. Bala Dutt Pandey who is itself an eminent and renowned artist in India.
My mix of colours is abstract and I bring about the levelness and the environment governing my characters at any given moment mixing with intimate thoughts and depict them on the canvas. I want to express these in my own creative visual imagery.

My style of painting is based on experimental studies in different medium. Oil, Water & Computer graphics become strong medium of the reflection of my vivid perception and under standing of managing human value to achieve an individuality.
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