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The artist began his creative career entering Sheridan College Graphic Design program in 1977, not knowing how to draw.
His creative talents were displayed by use of typography, photography, colour and design.

By graduation with a Graphic Design Diploma, and 1 year of Business Management,he embarked on a 10 year stint as a
Book Designer in the Toronto area, working for publishing houses Mosaic Press, Oxford University Press, Copp Clark Pitman
and Hurtig Publishers. Books and Covers for such writers as Mary DiMichele, Len Gasparini, Gwendolyn McEwen, Irving Layton and
noted Canadian Artist Harold Town exposed him to a myriad of talented and eccentric creative talents. His book design career culminated with the design of HurtigÕs Canada at the Olympic WInter Games in time for the Calgary Olympic WInter Games in 1988.

In 1987 he returned to Guelph and opened Asterisk Visual Communications and since then has designed some of the CityÕs
more recognizable logos including Magic 106.1 FM, Downtown Guelph, Parks and Recreation.

In 1997 he established the Art-in-Guelph web site as a test site for AsteriskÕs design of web sites. It quickly became an entity in its own right and grew into the physical art gallery of the same name until 2002. The web site continues to boast the works of 300 artists.

This exposure to hundreds of the cityÕs visual artists drew him further into the arts community and its mindset. Despite the lack of a fine artistÕs hand, the thoughts, ideas and creativity bore the markings of an artist, inside this graphic designer.

The advent of the computer into his daily work brought to him the discovery of the tool that would tap his artistic (rather than design) talents.

The result is the artistic expression of an artist using the tool of the designer. Rich colours and wild effects or calm, natural ÔdrawingsÕ give the artist great reign over the possibilities. The artistÕs ideas are not limited to his/her ÔphysicalÕ limitations/talents in order to express the creative thoughts from within.
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