Vitali Komarov

Bouquet of roses, 2000. Oil on Canvas, 60x72 cm, 24x29 inc.
© 2018 Vitali Komarov

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The Russian artist Vitali Komarov creates original oil paintings from nature and life: landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Expressive, strong colours and free brushwork are common for many of Vitali Komarov's works, painted in the post-impressionist style. Vitali is inspired by Van Gogh's idea of seeing the beauty in simple things, as are rural landscapes with meadows, fields, trees, villages and still lifes with flowers, fruits and vegetables.

He uses the technique called impasto. That means he paints by thick brush strokes, which are visually seen. The paint is piled on so much that it seems to be layered. Komarov's works often include the combination of dense vivid green, yellow, blue and orange colours. These make us think of fire or the sun.

Komarov's passion and emotion fully flows through his work. Through his artistry he expresses his feelings. This expression is the reason the style is called expressionism. He obviously exaggerates natural objects for the purpose of emphasizing the emotional mood or concept. The swirling brushstrokes of Komarov's paintings seem to live a life of their own. The art of Vitali Komarov delightes lovers of painting.

The contemporary Russian artist and plein air painter, Vitali Komarov was born in 1968 in Marij-El Republic, Russia. In 1983 he finished the Art school in Joskar-Ola, Russia. In 1987 he finished the Restoration School in Sankt-Petersburg. Since 1995 Vitali has been working as an independent painter. And now young Russian artist lives and works in Prague, the Czech Republic. Vitali is prolific painter. He paints over a hundred paintings a year and creates numerous graphic works as well.
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