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1954 was born in Bratislava 14th October
1970-1974 Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, department of publicity and advertisement
1975-1981 Technical University of Architecture
1987-1996 emigration to Canada
1996 Return to Slovakia

The real presentation of my visual art creation started soon after my arrival to Toronto where I started to pursue all techniques of painting concentrated on portraits and landscapes.
after ma return to Slovakia I concentrated my creations on a sequence of oil paintings having my personal memories from my young days as a theme.
In this way , work of art ere created which I decided to present at my first exhibition after the return to my native slovakia, in the Thoha Gallery. The themes of the oil painitings present sensitive shaping of deep spiritual intimate experiance revealed in the form of abstract expressive painting which possess all attributes of visual effects of the thrill and mysterious nature of abstract objects with the linear harmony of lines and curves. At the creation of my pictures I start from my imagination, every new theme is a result of sensitive evaluation of my intimate experiance which is closly linked with its own realization, consequently, with a kind of imaginary idea resulting to a real shape of painting itself.

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