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Genuine do-it-yourselfers become involved in all kinds of neat and sloppy endeavors, which could explain how I became, amongst other things, a computer programmer, furniture designer, house and piano rebuilder,businessman and website designer (ahem).  I've also been a salesman, handyman, soldier and tennis pro, but tend to think of myself simply as one who enjoys and loves to create art.

About my Music

My formal education has been diverse, but to focus on music, I received my B.A. degree from Queens College, NY (now SUNY) and some insights into world music, ethnomusicology and experimental music at Wesleyan University, CT.

My music has won a variety of awards and prizes and has been heard in concert, on FM stations and at several American music festivals.

About my Paintings

Digital art is an extraordinarily exciting new medium that closely resembles the digital revolution in music and the way music is created, recorded and archived—so much so in fact that I could not resist applying some of the techniques I use in composing electronic music to my visual art.  Instant gratification is nice, and I experienced much of it at first, but as anyone will tell you who has used professional graphics programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and tried to create faithful and enduring prints of their work, the learning curves can be very long and very steep indeed.

So I can't say that the transition from electronic musician to digital artist was a smooth one.  But I am pleased to report that the migration of the techniques went marvelously well and that nothing could please me more than to one day combine these two disciplines in one dynamic work.  Sometime in the near future, perhaps...

My formal training in art derives from classes in art and architecture at Pratt Institute, the University of Cincinnati, Wesleyan University and Queens College (SUNY) and covers, though not always in the greatest depth, everything from ceramics and sculpture to painting and figure drawing.

These works are for sale as museum quality giclee prints printed in my studio in widths up to 13 inches.

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