Wayne Bertola

The First Born
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Casual Debris: A Legacy

The Latin word "lego" is the root of the word legend, which can be interpreted as "to collect", or "to gather in". The word legacy may be used to express the gathering together of a man's property which will be
handed down as a gift. Time, the sense of eternity, as tempered by mortality, is an essential part of this gift of objects animated by the physical results of weathering, peeling, and rusting. The material evidence of life and time; the outmoded, the empheral, and the commonplace are gathered together and transformed by the recognition they generate, into symbols of the ambigous nature of our being, a timeless narrative under the constant challenge of the inevitable.
Duration is without beginning or end. space is limitless. Matter, in its elemental status, is eternal; and while subject to infinite changes may neither be created nor annihilated. Yet the soul of man is mortal. A man dies; the elements of his body survive and are transformed, his mind disappears, his unique soul perishes. Hoping for nothing except the very remote we seek repose in the equivocal mystery of infinity.
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