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WELA (Elisabeth Wierzbicka) painter and sculptor,was born in Cracow in 1964. She studied at the Cracow Academy of Fine Art from 1984-1989. In 1989 she continued her training at the Ecole Superiore of Fine art in Paris and started her career as an international artist in several countries. In her Paris studio she paints, draws and makes monumental installations,which borrow ideas from the surface,volume and materials in contemporary painting and sculpture.She works with memory and identity,erasing and dividing time.

Artiste Peintre
34, rue Ney, Résidence des Maréchaux
95570 Bouffemont, France
Tel/Fax: + 33 1 39 91 50 78
Atelier de peinture :
44, rue Falkirk -
94000 Créteil, France
E-mail : ELISABETH.WIERZBICKA@wanadoo.fr

Born in 1964 in Cracow, Poland


1984-1989 Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland
Graduated at metal techniques studio of profesor Stanislaw Wejman, graphic faculty
1989-1990 National High School of Fine Arts, Paris, France
1993 Decoration training in Opera of Paris, Scholarship from the SEMA, Paris

1991- Membership of Union of The Artist, Paris
1993-1996 Membership of International Artistic Group« Völkerwanderung », Germany
1995 Membership of Union of Polish Artists in France, Paris
1996 Openinig of her working studio, Créteil
1999 Creation and management of A.P.A.C. (Association for the Promotion of the
Contemprary Arts), Bouffémont, Créteil
2000 Membership of Artists Associated in Créteil
2001 Membership of A.I.A.P. UNESCO (International Association of Arts by UNESCO)

2000 Gallery 13, Polclub, Paris
1999 Crossroads of Arts, Metz, France
1999 Art House André Marlaux (duo), Créteil, France
1999 Cultural Space E.Leclerc " Pyramedias " (duo), Domont, France
1998 Salon 101, Warsaw
1998 BWA Art Gallery, Miechow, Poland
1998 Remp’Arts Gallery, Toulon, France(catalogue)
1998 Cultural Space François Mitterrand, Beauvais, France
1997 Painting studio of E. Wierzbicka, Créteil, France
1996 Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery, Paris
1996 International Festival of the Woman’s Films, Art House André Marlaux, Créteil,
France (catalogue)
1996 Polish Cultural Institute, London
1995/96 Jenner Gallery, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany
1995 Tenri de Paris Gallery, French-Japanese Cultural Association, Paris
1993 Posk Gallery, London
1992 Bernanos Gallery (duo), Paris


2000 Salon " Itinéraires ", Marries Levallois-Perret France (catalogue)
Open-air painter meeting " West - East ", Gorlice, Poland (catalogue)
8th International Symposium of the Sculpture, Vilnius, Lithuania
Workshop Z, Paris
Festival of Art Flying" Méteoros ", the Passerele, Saint Brieuc, France
Youth Contemporary Creation, Hotel Drouot-Richelieu, Paris
Cultural Space E.Leclerc " Pyramedias ", Domont, France
1999 International Symposium of the Sculpture " Le Vent des Forêts ",France
Lahaymeix, Meuse (catalogue, http://assoc.wanadoo.fr/enmeuse/ )
Youth Contemporary Paint, Hotel Drouot-Richelieu, Paris
1998 Salon of Art'95, Bouffémont France (catalogue)
Plastic Art Salon of Marne–la-Vallée, Noisy le Grand France (catalogue)
Symposium of the metal, Garden of the Bildungszentrum Gmbh, Erfurt,
« Meetings », Polish Cultural Institute, Paris
Créteil Art Gallery, Créteil, France
1995/96 « Informel », Altes Rathaus Gallery, Worpswede, Germany
1995 Union of Polish Artist in France, Les Ulis, France (catalogue)
« Völkerwanderung », Altes Rathaus Gallery, Worpswede, Germany
Art Actuel Gallery, Paris
1994 « Völkerwanderung » :
• Goltzchtal Nicolaikirche Gallery, Auerbach, Germany
• Engel-Saal, Tauberbischofsheim, Germany
• Im Park Gallery, Bremen, Germany (catalogue)
Pictures for Clareton Society, Paris
Decorations for Simonini Society, St.Denis
Art Actuel Gallery, Paris
1993 « Völkerwanderung », Viola Zolesi Gallery, Stanberg, Germany (catalogue)
Lycée Luis de Broglie, Marly les Rois, France
1992 Exhibiton organized in Paris by Stainberg Gallery, Germany
Salon du XIVème, Paris (catalogue)
1991 « Le Cheval du Sable » Gallery, Paris
Gérard Rambaud Gallery, Paris
Ken Klub, Paris
1st Annual International Miniprint Exhibition, Yuniper Gallery, Napa, USA (Dian
Zepeda Award, catalogue)
Collège Néerlandais, Paris
« Aux Enfants Terribles » Gallery, Trouville, France
1991 Print Biennale (catalogue) :
• Studio-Museum of Paper, Angoulème, France
• Museum in Cognac, France
• Museum in Saintes, France
Salon of May, Grand Palais, Paris (catalogue)
Salon du XIVème, Paris (catalogue)
Youngs Creators, Avon-Fontainebleau, France
1990 16th International Independant Exhibition of Print, Kanagawa, Japon (catalogue)
International Print Exhibition « Miniature 5 », Fredrikstaad, Norway
Salon of Autumn, Grand Palais, Paris (catalogue)
38th Salon of Spiritual Art, Nesle Gallery, Paris (catalogue)
6th Biennale of Print, Sarcelles, France (catalogue)
Youngs Creators, Avon-Fontainebleau, France
1989 Na Plantach Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Exhibition of postgraduates from Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow, BWA, Rzeszow,
Poland (catalogue)
5th National Drawing Exhibition of High Schools Students, Katowice, Poland

1993 Scholarship from SEMA, Decoration training in Opera of Paris
1991 The Dian Zepeda Award, 1st Annual International Miniprint Exhibition, Yuniper
Gallery, Napa, USA
1990 Grant from Minister of Art and Culture, Warsaw, Poland

2000 Open-air painter meeting" West - Ist", Gorlice, Poland (catalogue)
8th International Symposium of the Sculpture, Vilnius, Lithuania
1999 International Symposium of the Sculpture " Le Vent des Forêts ", Lahaymeix , Meuse,
France (catalogue, http://assoc.wanadoo.fr/enmeuse/ )
1998 International Symposium of the Metal, Erfurt, Germany

• Museum of Contemporary Graphic, Fredrikstaad, Norway
• Zentralkrankenhaus, Bremen, Germany
• Invest Plan, Cracow, Poland
• " Le Vent des Forêts ", Lahaymeix, France ( http://assoc.wanadoo.fr/enmeuse/ )
• " Méteoros ", Saint Brieuc, France
• International Museum of the open-air Sculpture, " Europos Parkas ",Vilnius, Lithuania
• Regional Museum PTTK, Gorlice, Poland

Europe, USA, Korea

« Artpo " n°3, December, 2000
Liliana Zawadzka, " Polak w swiecie. Leksykon Polonii i Polakow za granica ", tom 1, 2000,
Wydawnictwo PAI S.A.
Zbigniew Judycki, Boleslaw Klimaszewski, " Krakowianie w swiecie ", tom 1, 2000, Oficyna
wydawnicza " Kucharski "
Agata i Zbigniew Judyccy, Slownik Biograficzny " Polonia ", PWN, 2000
« L’état des lieux des arts plastiques en Val-de-Marne », January 2000
Nelly Paulet and Véronique Georges, " E. Wierzbicka concert to 4 cardinal points ", catalogue of the
" Le Vent des Fôrets " 1999
Isaac Ortizar " Sztuka " 1999, rok (51) ++XXIII
" L’œil " n° 508 July -Août 1999
" Republicain Lorrain ", November 1999
" Vivre Ensemble " n°192, May 1999, Créteil
" Gazete ", n°1 198, February 1999 ; " Le Domontois ", n°36, February 1999
Three emissions to the Polish TV, to the opportunity of the exhibition to the Salon 101,
Warsaw, September 1998
EMZA " Zatrzymane wspomnienie ", " IKAR " n°9(61), September 1998
Katarzyna Wieczorek, " Dziennik Miechowa ", July 1998
Emission to the TV3 France, (59 dry.) interview with the artist to the opportunity of the exhibition at
the Remp'Art Gallery, Toulon, June 1998, filmed by Pierre Olivier Belle
Ph.D. " Var Matin ", 9 July 1998
" Nice Matin ", 8 June 1998
C.C. " Var Matin ", 4 June 1998
" Toulonais " n°45, 11 May 1998 ; n°46, 29 May 1998
" Courier Picard ", 6 April 1998
Bernard Billa, Invitation to private viev, Espace Culturel François Mitterand, Beauvais, 1998
« Vivre Ensemble » n°178 January 1998 ; n°171 April 1997, Créteil
Isaac Ortizar, « Mémoires Fuyantes », exhibition at 18th International Festival of the Women’s Films,
Créteil, Mars 1996
Catalogue of 18th International Festival of the Women’s Films, Créteil, Mars 1996
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Ute Löwenstein Wagner, « Osterholzer Kreisblatt » n°277, 1995
« Osterholzer Anzeiger », November 1995
« Osterholzer Kreisblatt » n°282, 1995
« Osterholzer Woche », November 1995
« Wumme Zaitung /Weser Kurier », February 1995
Zbigniew A. Judycki, « Polacy w Swiecie »,Kwartalnik Biograficzny Poloni, z.6 rok III, Paris 1995
Mateusz Bremer, « Nasza Rodzina » n°1(604), Paris 1995
Zbigniew A. Judycki, « Glos Katolicki », n°40(1664), Paris 1994
Ingrid Zimmermann, « Süddeutsche Zeitung » n°264, Stanberg 1994
Emission to the TV3, reporting on workshops of the Opera of Paris, May 1993, close-up on the artist in
the process to paint in the workshop of paint
Andrzej M. Borkowski, « Dziennik Polski » n°270(54), London 1993
Brigitte Pietrzak, Ivitation to private viev, Bernanos Gallery, Paris 1992
« Ouest France », Augustus 15, 1991
Studios of Wela

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