Wolfgang Peter Anton Oehry

The Loss
© 2018 Wolfgang Peter Anton Oehry

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Wolfgang Peter Anton Oehry is from the Principality of Liechtenstein. Besides painting, he also pursued a successful musical career. In 1987, he decided to escape the rainy weather and long winters and moved to sunny Florida. Today, Wolfgang lives on the Gulf of Mexico, in Naples, SW Florida.

Wolfgang has been painting since his early childhood. In the 70's and early 80's, he produced many oil paintings and pencil drawings. However, after a flooding of his storage room distroyed most of his artwork in 1984, he abandoned painting completely for 20 years and only began painting again in 2004, due to a close friend urging him to paint her old father. This portrait was followed by several other paintings. In the meantime, some of Wolfgang's paintings were chosen for several art exhibitions and publicly displayed in art galleries. His painting "The Loss" (crying old man) earned the "most expressive picture" by visitors.

This, and others of Wolfgang's paintings and drawings can be seen on his personal website or at flwolf.magix.net

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