Kazuhiko Yoshino

TRANSITION Kazuhiko Yoshino Fine Art Photography
© 2018 Kazuhiko Yoshino

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''Time" is the theme of this photo series.

Using flowers and my handmade object d'art as catalyst,
time shows it's appearance on my photographic paper.
I want to express "time'' in a photographic way and to have the
viewers join me to feel the "time''.

The process of decay witnessed through my lenses
.....is like quietly fading away,
.....is like brutally crashing down.
Sometimes their beauty
(which will never be the same when once lost)
seems to have power to freeze the time to make their moment eternal.
Every moment of the flowing time has it's own beauty.

When I float on a time where things are experiencing
their rich moments of decay,
I take pictures of flowers and my object d'art ,and yet,
I never take pictures of flowers and my object d'art.

I hope to catch the drifting time itself.
I want to express the reality of the time which is always
slipping away, passing by, heading for eternity which is where it came from.

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