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Was born on October, 25th, 1958 Minsk
1974-1978 study in Minsk art school of A.K.Glebova
1985-1991 study at the Belarus theatrically-art institute
(Nowadays the Belarus academy of arts), drawing chair.
1994-1996 Training in creative workshops
Academies of arts at the Ministry
Cultures of Byelorussia

Participation in exhibitions:
With 1986 constant participant of republican and regional exhibitions on
To Byelorussia
Cooperation with galleries of of Minsk,
National art museum ,
Palace of arts,
Museum of the modern fine arts.
About 1991 acquaintance to Germany, Sotheby's auctions and Christie,
Private collectors, galleries.
Studying of culture of Germany. With 2007 works in Academy of Arts.

Foreign exhibitions:

1990XVII the International youth exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1990 Academy of arts, Berlin, Germany
1994 Private clinic, Berlin, Germany
-96 (On 12 cities of Poland)
1996 Exhibitions of the Belarus artists, Germany
Chernobyl - 10 years, Berlin, Germany
Exhibition of the Belarus drawing, Dublin, Ireland
1997 Exhibition of a modern Belarus drawing. Murmansk, Russia
1998 Exhibitions of the Belarus drawing, Japan
1999 Exhibitions of the Belarus drawing, Estonia
2000-2001 Days of culture of Byelorussia in Russian federation,
Moscow, Russia.

Products are in meetings: National art museum ;
Museum of modern fine arts ;
Funds of the Belarus Union of artists ;
Fund of Academy of arts RB;
Murmansk regional art museum, Russia;
Museum Zimmerly Art in Nju-Brunsvik, the USA;
In private collections of Belarus, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Sweden,
Russia, Israel, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, the USA, Japan, etc.
Studios of Yuri Podolin

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