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Yvonne Coleman-Burney brings the essence of both modern contemporary and organic abstract with a dash of African heritage into her work, the innovations are varied in form, sometime they have a feel of being multi layered and engaging in intricacy, emphasized by her distinct passion for color, yet harmonious and rhythmic. Yvonne Coleman-Burney OneVision4Him, Inc hopes to bring vision back into the eyes and soul of people, to cultivate the mind and spirit with imagination and color.

Statement I belief that artistic talent was given by the creator
some being gifted in different areas than others but
all art comes from one vision, one love how we
express it is what makes us all unique.

Background Yvonne started painting as a teenager the aura
of colors mixing together became fascinating to her
even though the passion and imagination was
there she went on to pursue other things. Years
later she has come full circle back to the creative
side in which she now embraces with energy
and faith. Yvonne has only had one art class in her
life and feels she is a product of being self taught.
She is currently attending college to obtain
her degree in art. Yvonne paints using acrylic, texture
and mixed media with her work, she also creates
abstract using digital painting.

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