Zaher Bizri

Tobacco (Tabegh)
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Zaher El-Bizri is a young Lebanese artist. He specializes in painting and mixed-media pictorial and plastic arts.
He developed a refined expertise in watercolors, in oil paintings, charcoal drawing, and graphic design, with a highly skilled use of Information Technology tools besides classical artistic media.

El-Bizri focuses principally on representational and pictorial depictions of everyday scenes and quotidian intimate public spaces, of diverse characters and portraits, while being particularly inspired by the Levantine Mediterranean cultural milieu, and primarily by the architecture of the medieval quarters of the ancient Lebanese port city of Sidon (Saida). His artistic endeavors explore the profound promising potentials that remain presently contained within classical styles in painting, as well as experimenting with abstract configurations in pictorial art. His artistic activities are also situated within urban places, and they act as inspirational catalysts for stimulating dynamic cultural practices in the public domain in the form of installations, sculptures, and series of murals.

El-Bizri received his Diploma in Fine Arts (Beaux Arts) in 2000, from the Lebanese University in Beirut. His prolific artistic productions and creative works have been exhibited on a regular basis since 1998 in numerous prestigious art galleries and venues. He has been also formally invited to participate in multiple international and national artistic events and cultural festivals organized by art associations, cultural societies,and diverse distinguished learned institutions, including the UNESCO, The Arab Cultural Club (Beirut), the Centre Culturel Franšais, and the Forum de Beyrouth. He furthermore received several awards and honorary citations in recognition of his artistic talent and the merits of his oeuvre. His work has also been communicated in public talks, reviewed in collective monographs, and covered by the press, in addition to various radio and television interviews.
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