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Burning Darkness
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Artist Ajit Soni (1960)

1979- HSC (Saurashtra University)

2009 Lemongrasshopper Visual Studio, Ahmedabad
2010 Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur
2011- Hotel Imperial, Rajkot

2006- Racecourse ground, Rajkot
2009- Rotary club, Surat
Bayer ABS Limited Gallery, Baroda
Harrisons Gallery, Baroda
Kiran Art Gallery, Baroda
Narmada Art Gallery, baroda
Ami Chag's Art Gallery-RAJKOT
Saurashtra University, Rajkot

Membership: 2009-Gujrat Kala Prathishtan, Surat

Ajit Soni is a well known Gujrat based portrait artist. He was born in 1960 in a small village called Lodhika, District- Rajkot, Gujrat. He completed higher secondary from Saurashtra University in 1979. After that he dropped of higher education by choice and devoted himself fully into the field of real art canvas painting. He learned all kind of paintings all by himself. So you can call him self-made man in the field of real art canvas painting.
Ajit Soni is engaged in canvas painting of various category (contemporary, portrait, landscape, religious, nude etc) since 1976, at the age of 16!
So hi is having vast 35 years of experience in painting. Most of his artwork is in oil based medium, as it provides brilliant texture and good colour depth to artwork. One can notice, most of his artwork is inspired by the work of legendary Raja Ravi Verma, who is also his sole inspiration.
Ajit Soni also makes paitings of make-to-order basis. Till now, he has 64 private clientele under his belt. His artwork has also been exported to abroad to countries like Dubai, Fiji island, Tanzania, London.
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