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I was born in a small town, ajmer,in rajasthan , india.I spend three years at the national institute of design ,getting exposed to basic techniques for visual representation,theories and general awareness needed for an artistic career .At this institute I was inspired by a movie I saw on van gogh ,that made me take up painting as a full time career.Thus began my adventures with art.I joined the kanoria center for arts , which offered studio space ,and guidance from senior artists and a free atmosphere to learn and create. I had two solo shows of my work while I stayed here,one was of expressionist landscapes and the other , of potraits and figures.after leaving these studios I spent a year working at home, and had a show entitled nudes in an art gallery in bombay.I was hard up economically ,so I had to find a lucrative place to sell my art and live from it.so I decided to move to an area frequented by tourists,travellers and odd adventurers mostly from europe .And it worked very well! I was able to make a living out of my art without any compromise.later on my own efforts I went to france and spend two years in an art school there,which was more than anything else , a french experience.I returned to india and continued making my living in the same place.for the last ten year or so I have had the oportunity to explore and experiment with painting techniques,matrials and subject matter.all along I havebeen inspired by surreal painters,expressionist art,visionary art depicting mythes and legends and fantasy. music is my permenent sourse of inspiration.I love figurative art as it enables me to express movement,rythem and sensuality poetry in colour
the atmosphere,the mood ,the feeling of eternity,
echoes in the universe
try and catch it and it will slip away
it will get you on its own
all is one and the same
the magic eternal
in everything,everywhere,and for all eternity
to overcome is its destiny
the magic is within.

my paintings are an on going process moving along the pathways of dreams fantasy and dasire,
songs of emotions
the dance of joy
the story of my life.
welcome to my world of art
art is my passion,profession and religion

the human figure and the face is a great means to express the hidden melodies of our souls,the celeberation and joy of life.
love and beauty
and the world of imagination,mystry and suspence,the adventure in colour,the festival of life.

my paintings will tell you something about me
they express my inner world of thoughys,fantasys and vision
they tell a story
reflect my mind my heart my being.

the sunset
a childs laughter
the birds song at the break of the dawn.

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