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man pulling
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I am 44 yrs old.
I work with oils primarly. The colors are so vivid, they help to create the impression I am trying to convey.
I try to portray intense personal feelings in my work. To share with the viewer how I am feeling about something that affects me, the person, as in, 'my fathers death'. Or something that affects us all, as in '9/11'.
I paint in the abstract, because I can say more in the abstract, than I could in a portrait, a landscape, or a more realistic form. I enjoy the freedom abstract allows, to express my ideas, my feelings.
I wish to stimulate a emotional response from you as you view my work. The sadness, the pain and resignation, yet the quiet diginity of, 'man pulling' .
Hopefully you will share the experience with me, by seeing something of you in my work.
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