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A Wild, Emotional Style.

The paintings of Arthurx are in a wild, emotional style. It compares best to the paintings of the fauvisme and expressionisme. Names like Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Marceau, Lapique and Cocteau spring to your mind. He works and lives now in Holland and Paris. And is entrain de former une groupe d'artiste avec une meme opinion sur l' object de l'arte, quelle function l'arte peut jouer dans la vie emotionele du spectateur. Le nom provisonaire est "Nouveau Fauvisme". Une galerie dedicated to their works will be opened soon.

Biography of Arthurx.
Arthurx paints in a very own directive style. You always can recognize a figure or face. After several years of developing a style and exposing his works in Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp and The Hague, he also starts writing songs and takes up a guitar..
After a heavy attack of mad cow disease, Arthurx was released in the wild pasture again, choosing for a solitary existence, watching the world from a save distance out of his attic window, only committed to creation and refinement of his skills. In 1999 Arthurx came public with the CD "Rude Moon" and started performing with his band The Scars, for which he composed the music and wrote the lyrics. In 2000, a close friend convinced him to start working on Architecture.

But to be honest, most of the time, Arthurx lays on his back, staring into the blue sky, thinking the world over and over again. And well, it doesn't fit after all. Some improvements could be made, but just how. Nice creamy clouds are floating over, creating relief and new shapes.
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