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The work of painter and multi-media artist Eric-Scott Bloom, aka MODARTIST, is designed
to "celebrate art as a way of life." Like most artists throughout history, Bloom creates not
only for the sheer joy of it, but also to create and leave behind a spiritual and aesthetic
legacy that will unquestionably communicate the supreme importance to which Bloom
attatched to the making and sharing of fine art. For now, he is completely immersed in a
daily ritual of developing a comprehensive body of work, pursued in a manner that strives
to convice the people that fine art, regardless of the form to which the artist has bestowed
upon it, can and SHOULD be considered an integral aspect of every person's daily living; a
vital and potentially transforming influence on the way we think, act and feel.

The beginning of 2OO8 saw Bloom complete his 1000th painting; and added to his wildly
eclectic archive of over 500,000 photographs, this emerging artist's ouevre is a perpetually
evolving compendium of unusually diverse images, sounds, text, and ideas; all of which
combine to present a vast, intricate, and thoroughly modern documentary; created by a
committed, driven, and uncompromising fine artist.

In November of 1999, Eric Scott was proud to become the very first Digital Consciousness
Artist Of The Month!
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