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paintings to further develope composition through relations of shapes, dark and light patterns, rhythm, color relations, and balance
subjects are slices of lfe
development occurs after study of degas, diebenkorn, vuillard, monet, and my paintings

"Bob Dornberg is an extraordinarily prolific artist. Over the past twelve years, he has produced more than 1000 oil paintings that encompass his enormous “Slices of Life” series. In his collection, Dornberg explores all that is life, including a dreaded hangover; personal interactions with family and friends; the full range of human emotions; a sweet day at the beach; and his ubiquitous theme of boating. Bob’s work represents a juxtaposition of life itself. His pieces explore the relationship between objects, shapes, lines, spaces and colors; all coming together to create an unbelievably compelling and visually impactful story. Bob Dornberg is an incredible artist; perhaps one of the most productive in modern-day art. His body of work is a collectors dream. Bob Dornberg is an artist to watch, admire, marvel … and to own ... see his paintings at" - Brian Walker,
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