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Born in Brussels on 23rd October 1945, Bob VERSCHUEREN is a self-taught artist. With great humour, love and respect, he has become a « sculptor of the ephemeral » and a dream builder. Since 1978, Bob VERSCHUEREN has been working in and with Nature.

After playing with the wind and the elements in vast natural sites (the Windpaintings 1978-1985), the artist began further concentrating on his plant installations (since 1985) and on Nature as a material ; twigs, branches, leaves, pine needles, moss, sand, seaweed or even citrus fruit or potato peelings… when it comes down to it, ordinary materials.

By practising a sort of « amnesia culture », during his walks, the artist rediscovers the plants as though he had never seen them before. After collecting them, he carefully observes them, as it is their shape, structure and texture that guide his hand and spontaneously impose on the work according to the chosen location.
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