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Patrick G Buckohr studied graphic design at the University of Akron in the mid eighties and began pursuing his lifelong dream of being a professional, working artist, after beginning his career as a designer.

As a studio artist, Patrick has developed his own sense of style and color, balance and form. He has found a way to expand his sometimes odd imagination into an art-form, exploring beyond traditional art into nontraditional mediums. Patrick is willing to express his own unique way of thinking and looking at our world through his work. Though he garners the praise of his peers, he creates with total disregard to criticism or approval. Working in this way, he time and time again, surprises us.

The artist has been part of many area shows including Plant Et Art's Art Is Alive (12 times), Furnace Street's summer art walk (1998), Canton Artists League's group exhibitions (4 times), Massillon Museum's Stark County Show (1999), and the Canton Museum of Art's Left of Center (4 times). In 1997 he took part in a group exhibition at the Agora Gallery in Soho, NY and in 2001 he had his first solo show at the Charles Meyer Gallery in Akron.

As a muralist, Patrick Buckohr understands how to satisfy a patron. "Painting for myself is much simpler than commissioned work. I have an idea and put it on canvas, or well, whatever I happen to have laying around... When you're painting for a customer, your job is to find out what they want on their wall. To help them to realize their vision." Patrick finds this process very fulfilling. "I get to get up every morning and go paint. It just doesn't get any better than that."

He has recently painted a mural, his first public commission, at the Cornerstone Transit Center in Downtown, Canton and a new mural at Rumours Cafe on 30th Street. He has painted murals in model homes in Akron and Strasburg, in restaurants in Canton, at a doctor's office in Louisville, and in several private homes throughout Northeast Ohio. During the Summer of 2005, Patrick completed his largest public mural to date on the side of the Haas Museum in downtown Minerva, Ohio. (pictured)

Patrick Buckohr continues to be actively involved in the local art community and has taught art at St. Peter School in Canton. Currently, he is working with the Rainbow Repertory Company as an Artist In Residence at Frazier School in Canton, at Trinity Lutheran Preschool, and at Lake Cable Elementary in Jackson Township.

The artist works and lives in Canton with his wife, Cynthia and two sons, Patrick and Joseph.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Patrick directly at 330-454-8338.
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