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From Chile. When Carlos was a boy his dream was to be one of the best painters, Estudy Arquitecture, and then have his own Atelier.

When was a boy my dreams was to be one off the best Artist Painter.
Y Study Architecture and have my own Atelier.
I Paint in Chile
I Paint in Mommatre,Paris in 1972
I Paint with Oleo,Acuarelle, and now my new artist tool is computer mouse.
My paint is without teacher,but I admire the Impresionist Artist when was a Boy.
For years I work hard to live my dream ,because I not like to sell my Paint`s.
I had been the representative of the best brands of electronic,which made me a very successful business man,how ever,the artist in me has over power all,and my life has taken a radical change,and plan to live my dream to the fullest,just been my self "The artist" The painter"
Got married very young 20 years of age,even do I studied architecture I became a success in the world of business,which provided my family with" life best"now my life has change and I am finally myself,the painter. Please visit my art gallery: http//
Where you can see my ArtWork.
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