constantinos vrahatis

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Born in 1979 Melbourne Australia

Studies Law and Economics

Contribution in the Greek National Theater in 1999

Specialty in conservation of Art work – Vatican Rome and
Attendance of lectures of The Great Masters in the UK Royal Academy of Arts

Registered User in Christie’s and Duke of NY

Attended lectures in the TATE modern and TATE Gallery

Modern Art and application in Queensland Australia and Victorian Center Melbourne

Private collection of Art work

Digital application of Art work with use of Multimedia

Cooperation with ERT – Greek Local Radio and Television broadcast company

Member of FCI Australian Art Council

Volunteer in the Olympic Games 2004 in the Starting and Ending Ceremony in the domain of Fine Arts

Application for future contribution in the Biennale 2004

Submission to agora gallery soho New York

Arts@work database registration form 2003

Submission for support by department of cultural affairs

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