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The Witch
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Philippe Coriat, born in Algeria in 1961. Coriat’s never-ending amazement leads him to artistic expression as a necessity. Nature in all its manifestations - animal, vegetal, mineral, space - from quarks to quasars, myths and legends, symbolism and spirituality, are for him, multi-faceted revelators of the mysteries of creation. He uses lyric abstraction and SF-Fantasy figuration to approach, evoke and transmit his vision of the complexity and the beauty of the world through different technics : oil, computer, sculpture and calligraphy , each one transmiting a side of his vision .
Some years ago, he expressed yet another side of his creativity as a song writer and lead singer in a rock band, mingling the experiences of art and music, doing posters and illustration for the band, including live, direct paintings during concerts, and increasingly bringing the visceral experiences of music into his developing art. Coriat now lives in Provence in the south of France, where his perennial mediterranean nature can bathe in a universe of sun, heat and light. He is reinvigorated and nurtured creatively, year after year, by other creators of all cultures whose work opens on outer as well as inner spaces, showing the quest of the soul. Musicians like Stravinsky, Coltrane, Munir Bachir, and Steve Vai ; painters and illustrators like Zao You Ki, Gustave Moreau, Frazetta, Druillet; poets such as Rilke, Rumi, Lovecraft ; writers like Moorcock, Herbert, Howard, and Zelazny – are among the many that constantly illuminate his creative process.

Among his many other projects, Coriat is currently working on covers for books ans CD, CD-ROMs and some wildlife paintings which foreshadow the elaboration of a fantastic bestiary. Exhibiting in national and international Art shows, he usely performs live demonstration of his art on computer during the exhibitions.
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