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Random Thoughts 96" x 96"
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Derrick Fludd
1963, - American artist, b. Sarasota Florida. Derrick Fludd has been paining for the past 30 years his work embodies a wide range of materials and diverse subject matter. Mr. Fludd received his BFA from the school of visual arts in 1986 for painting and printing where he was in alumni instructor for lithography. From 1990 to 1994 he was co-founder of Tribeca arts school for painting and drawing.

Early Years
Many of the earliest paintings by Mr. Fludd show a strong affinity toward the spiritual, after graduating college he continued to work at Ronin Gallery where he was exposed to Ukiyo-e prints of Japan. This exposure also helped in the development of his early panting techniques particularly around the use of calligraphy brush work. As a beginning artist he quickly realized that the search for a unique presence in painting could only be achieved by rigorous hours of searching via the studio. So from 1986-1996 Mr. Fludd spent most of his time creating and exploring various mediums coming into to a unique way of seeing painting and future expressions of art.

Studio Years

The works produced by Mr. Fludd in the early 1990’s became concerned with the universality of symbolism as seen in early religious works worldwide. He also became increasingly concerned with the integration of language and the usage of metaphor as an expression of direct meaning in a pictorial context. In an attempt to catalog the inner experience as a universal element shared by all and more importantly the shared journey that artist experience during such introspective contemplation. These works uniquely catalog thought as a form of expression and by doing so took on the appearance of patterns. I.e. (thought patterns) Realizing that art and science were moving unilaterally toward an explanation of a common phenomenon, the idea that thought was a derivative of how we experience objects and how these patterns are constructed of symbols representing this experience was an exciting idea. Some of the most compelling works of this time were capsulated in a series entitled (Still Life’s1990-1992) this series represented some of the ideals discussed previously and began to incorporate a new lexicon concerning issues of perception. Mr. Fludd continues in working to refine the major roles that visual art plays as a dialogue and documentation of human evolution in its attempt to reach a higher state of perceptual being.

Selected History:

2005 Lux Gallery Chicago
1999 Claudia Hellwich Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1997 Claudia Hellwich Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2005 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea Fortezza da Basso
2003 Art Brick, Salander-O’Reilly Gallery New York
1996 Group Invitational Fellowship Provincetown
1997 Raw and Upfront: the forum series at the Arts Students League in New York
1991 The Red bench
1988 Rembrandt café
1991 The Still Good Hand of God by Michael Gellert
Dancing Metaphysics part I
Aesthetic Perception
On the possibility of laws that govern the nature of consciousness
1990 Henry Street Settlement Performance space
1990 SVA Amphitheater
1988 Henry Street Settlement Performance space
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