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Since his study at the State Academy of Fine Arts Edgar Jansen has lived in Amsterdam, Holland, where he works as a portrait painter. He does portraits in commission, including children's portraits. For his portraiture Edgar uses a variety of techniques: pastel, water colour, oil paint, and black & white (pencil, chalk, ink).

Edgar’s style is characterized by flowing lines, subtle colours and a certain casual directness. As a true impressionist, Edgar likes to work by direct observation on the spot. For his portraiture no photography is used; his true-to-life portraits are the result of modelling sessions.

Much of his work is dedicated to capturing musicians and dancers during concerts, performances, rehearsals and jam sessions. By his loose way of drawing and painting, Edgar is able to suggest the freedom of movement and express the character of the music and dance. He finds his inspiration in different dance styles: ballet, modern dance, flamenco, tango, african and oriental dance, contact improvisation as well as in various music styles: world music, classical and popular music (pop, jazz). This web site also shows series of violin players and singers.

Other themes of his art include landscapes, nudes and animals (e.g. horses). Extensive touring throughout India resulted in numerous travel impressions. In Israel he sketched the Chassidic life.

Edgar’s art is being used for illustrations of cd covers, posters and web sites. His work is frequently exhibited. He also teaches portraiture and gives workshops in “drawing dance & movement
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