Nancy Fortunato

Cloak of Red
© 2017 Nancy Fortunato

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She writes: My watercolors are an attempt to create and express a visual concept in as direct a method as possible. I am after an abbreviated statement about a recalled optical sensation. While I try to make it as easily perceived as possible, room must be left for the veiwer's own imagination. My concern is in establishing the mood, character and basic structure of the subject in its simplest form. Simple expression as well as emotion.

The painting Cloak of Redis typical of clothing worn by the Maasi of Kenya. Their cloaks of red, their strangely effeminate faces, clutching their sticks negligently as they stride across the savannah on tribal or cattle business. The Maasai country stretches a long way. It follows the Rift Valley southward through Kenya and spills out onto the plains of Tanzania.

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