Roni Golan

"Breakfast on the Grass"
© 2018 Roni Golan

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Water-based paint and oil and fire, a sensual mix, a wizardís alchemy.
Visceral, unpredictable, irresistible. A low relief texture adds another dimension to my contemporary works.

Artist Statement
My paintings are both spontaneous and intentional. As in an abstract picture, the viewer's eye is quickly caught in shapes, colors and patterns that produce a visual pleasure at first glance. Then, in the process of translating elements into the real world, one discovers the joy of ambiguity. Images may take on more than one meaning and contain multiple associations.

The desire to produce pictures that can stand as both physical objects and independent works of art led me to the use of new elements and materials. Fire, water and air are brought together to create a spiritual environment. Fire is used as a destructive and seductive force that ages the different layers of paint to the point where it cracks and hardens. The paint is at times spilled, action-painting style, and can be seen as the impression of the hand movements. The lines in my paintings are guiding lines, leading the viewer's unconsciousness towards a new experience.

Our simple way of seeing the world around us is challenged by the dark brooding quality of the line, to the point where nothing is certain. In some works the line is used as a building material and in others to conceal the surface-living tissue that continues to grow, covering an old wound.

I react to events and images from my every day life experience, processing them to emotions and again to mostly primary colors, shapes and lines. The emotional filter is the one that leaves the most impression on my work.
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