gordana zlatanovic


Surname: Zlatanovic
Name: Gordana
Date of birth: September 6th, 1974
E- mail: zlatanovic@yahoo.com
Temporary address: Vajnorská 50/14
Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: + 421(0)903 133 916

Schools and studies:

1989-93 High school of economy, Sombor, Yugoslavia
1992-93 The school of painting of the academic painter Ljubisa Dimitrijevic,
Sombor, Yugoslavia
1993-96 High school of art and modern art; course- art teacher, Belgrade,
1994-96 The school of Sumatovac, academic painter Svetlana Knezevic,
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1997-99 The faculty of fine art and design, the department of painting,
Creating work studio in the class of professor D. Fischer, Slovakia
2000-01 The graduation of the Faculty of fine art and design, the
department of Sculpture – objective- subjective the class of dr. Jan
Hoffstadtera, Bratislava, Slovakia
2001 The graduation of The Faculty of Nice art and Design in Bratislava;
the title - bakalar(Bc)
2001-03 Post-graduate studies at the same faculty in the S.O.S. studio of
prof. Jan Hofffstadter
2003 PhD studies, prof. Tomas Ruller, video/multimedia/performans

Professional experiences and artistic activities:

1994 Colective exhibition of the students of The High School of
Modern Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1995 Collective exhibition of the students, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Collective exhibition “Young Artists”, Talent Gallery, Belgrade,
1997 Artistic colony Djerdap, Yugoslavia
1998 Collective exhibition of the students of the studio of prof. Fischer,
Dom umenia, Ceske centrum, Bratislava
1999 Collective exhibition “Word of Mouth”, small mini- gallery in the
newspaper-box, Chicago, USA My own exhibition “Chatting about
the war” Likovna jesen gallery, Sombor
2000 “ Parallels” D. Cvetkovic, G. Zlatanovic, Kulturni centar gallery,
2001 “U2” – G. Zlatanovic, I. Visnovska, Medium gallery, Bratislava
“ Immanence, transcendence, transparency” , St. Jan Chapel, my own exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia
2002 “ In the focus”- multi-medial exhibition in the objects of the Arena theatre, Bratislava
2003 “By the way of my look”- my own performance, Buryzone gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
“The treatment sculpture”, gallery Space for contemporary art, Bratislava, gallery REX, Belgrade.
2004 “Vernisage”, gallery HIT, Bratislava.
ISTROART – workshop, gallery Medium, Bratislava
2005 “Bojove umenie - Martial art” - Hit gallery, Bratislava
“Portraits” – CC Centrum gallery, Bratislava

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