Graham Nicholls

LAM, 2001, Immersive Computer Installation
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In 2001 Graham Nicholls' created LAM a multi layered computer installation placing the viewer in a highly otherworldly environment. The work used the power of new technology in Nicholls' classic style, to make it impact upon the unconscious feelings and emotions that sound, space and light have on us all. This work as well as being innovative and new is also personal and real. LAM surrounds you and offers a new kind of experience.

During 2003 Graham Nicholls has been commissioned to continue his work with immersive art, with a new project called 'The Living Image'. This project has been commissioned for the Science Museum in London for exhibition in mid 2004. The project uses the latest virtual reality (VR) to create an even deeper and more complete experience for the viewer.

Please view his web-site and the Living Image website at for more information on his latest projects.
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