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"Morning Stretch"
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I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1945. 1949 to 1994 in West Germany. Since 1994 have lived and worked in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Analogue to my studies in the field as a well known technician, I completed an artistic education at the Famous Artistic School in Amsterdam and various workshops in Europe.

After several visits and some cooperation with various studios and workshops in Europe as well some working experience with Egon Stratmann, a well-known church painter and supporter of the techniques by the old masters, I developed my own current style.

I work with the use of different materials: oil, acrylics, metals, wood, ceramics, porcelain and photographic films, producing a composition of my deepest and innermost thoughts.

My work is displayed throughtout Europe and North America.

In 1999, I embarked on the art of digital printmaking.

Works available in Canada and north America Since 1994.
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