Joe Host

paranoia - 24"x18" watercolor and pencil on watercolor paper
© 2017 Joe Host

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Joe, artist by default and genetics, came screaming out of the womb thrust into the harsh light of a delivery room, in fremont michigan. While growing up in the midwest with drawing, fornicating, shoplifting, reading, and illegal ingestible chemicals as the few amusements available, it was an easy choice - drawing and reading won. They don't get you thrown in jail, or slapped with childcare payments.

Twenty-two years, 4 months, 10 days, 14 hours, and about 25 minutes after being shot into the world, he stepped off a greyhound bus in LA... california.

Reminder: cross country bus trips invariably end up sitting next to you: someone either too large for their seat, fermenting for a couple days; a crazy person; or a family with children, whose sole purpose is to scream and throw toys at the unwary travelers heads.

Now, after 5 years in california, moving up and down the coast, reseda seems a good enough place to rest. Did i say rest? silly me... instead he works, takes various classes (most recently for make-up artistry and FX). No rest for the wicked, they say... and there are monkeys to command.

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