igor mikhailov

42,8x25cm 16.85`x9.84`Rural motive.
© 2018 igor mikhailov

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Mikhailov Igor Iurie was born on April l , 1963 in Magdeburg city in 1980 he graduated from the Arts School in Alma-Ata city.

Once he was mastering this science, he was learning by himself. As he was fond of peisage he was studying the creation of such artists as Shishkin I.I., Serbakov B.V., SavrasovA.K. and many others…Often he was going out to studies, he tries to be loyal to the nature and, at the same time he tries to see in the every day life something unusual, beautiful and brightful. His paintings are a part of personal collections in many countries of the world, as the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel etc. The paintings are done in a realistic manner with oil on canvas.

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