jason faessel

sea god
© 2018 jason faessel

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A flash across my minds eye,an impression is made ,the process begins.Once lost to the task,passage of time merges and becomes indistinguishable,now I'm really at work,self consciousness has slipped away and conditions are ripe for some worthy painting.In spirited gestures I move around some paint and venture to unforeseen places of my own imagining.Graced with a good day my labors will be rewarded in a magic orchestration and I am grateful. Conjuring the the hidden visceral source of good painting is in this way achieved ,and paradoxically, my strongest conceptions were done out of seeming chaos. Artmaking is a strange investigation,an arcane excavation into the unknown,and in the manifestation of this principle is a kind of revelation.At it's best,abstraction addresses the human spirit and can be understood and felt, if not consciously,through the gut and instinctivly. Part experiential, and part spirit dwellling in nature, it operates quietly and inexorably on the veiwer

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