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Jenny Fraser was born in Far North Queensland. Her family hails from the Yugambeh/Mununjali, adjacent to the SE/QLD and Northern NSW border in Australia. Jenny works at the nexus of art, film-making and electronica. Because of the diverse creative mediums Jenny uses, much of her work defies categorisation. More recently her work takes iconic and everyday symbols of Australian life and places them into a context that questions the values they represent. With a laconic sense of humour she picks away at the fabric of our society, exposing contradictions, absurdities, and denial.

Her practice is also partly defined through a strong commitment to collaboration with others, which in turn leads to involvement in a new wave of exciting artists networks. Jenny’s recent Arts Qld Creative Fellowship work other[wize] is a screen-based project that celebrates the lives of Mununjali family members that were moved from their traditional homelands, to work on properties in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Importantly, this artwork is an insider perspective that highlights an era of colonial “Queensland” that explores the prickly issues of Native Policing, Dispossession, Displacement, Massacres and Survival. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including 'Cultural copy' at the Fowler Museum in San Francisco and Interactiva01 and Interactive03, Biennales at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico. Jenny founded and curates the Indigenous online gallery- cyberTribe.
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