john hansen

'more than a chance encounter' | 48"x68"
© 2018 john hansen

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I make art because its a fun way to make a living. Visually and conceptually, art should speak for itself to each individual viewer. The medium and technique are secondary to the creative experience but may be worth a few comments.

Seeking out inherently unique possibilities of any medium is, in my mind, an exciting part of the creative process. I like my work to get beyond that often 'too smooth' look of computer art and have a little grittiness in it. I choose not to use software tools that emulate brush strokes, chalk and other traditonal media, nor scan in externally created work. Rather, I want to push the computer and software to the point where they contribute there own texture and roughness. Its been my experience that one needs to push any tool beyond its intended purposes to create art with some soul in it. This is true with jazz and blues music, its true with painting and drawing, brushes, paints and pencils, and also with computers and software. I enjoy creating on my computer as much as working with oil paints, and find the computerís tactile element just as lucious. Its like working with liquid light and color.

As a conceptual artist I really like that the medium is so ubiquitous. It has the ability to interact with and control a wide variety of industrial equipment like CNC mills, weaving machines and other commercial imaging technology. My limited edition images can be realized not only on fine quality papers but also in glass, fabrics, stone, metals, and other media. A very powerful and enriching part of this process is working with the people who run this machinery. Bringing fine art into a technical and industrial environment, sharing the creative process with technicians whose expertise contributes to the finished work challenges them and excites me.
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