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Area of Study and Research Interests:

As I have come from a self taught painter and medical (veterinarian and show dog breeder and groomer) background, my work is widely dispersed. As an artist who constantly reads anything from trashy pulp fiction novels to my monthly subscriptions to Dwell Magazine, Food and Wine, Photonics, Scientific American, Utne Reader, and anything in between, my interests and hopefully my artwork reflects this.

In addition to my readings, I am an avid landscaper, knowing the latin names of to many species of plant life, I have designed for Roche Bobois (exclusive and luxurious furniture company) in the late eighties, tended bar at exclusive now defunct disco in New York, Bred world Champion poodles, lived in the ghettos of both New York and Columbus, teach, tend bar and have come close to death twice. I love life, live life and crave the learning experience that life has to offer.

Other areas of study deal with cultural and gender specific studies using

2d digital manipulation processes.

I am interested in the transhumanist experience and how I might create works of art that reflect this travel.
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