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Having no need to be easily pegged, jsun works in acrylic, found metal, traditional and digital photography and just about anything that he can get his hands on. Jsun was put upon the art path from conception. Coming from a family of artists, lunatics and lunatic artists, creation is in his blood. He attended the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, the Denver Art Students' League and Colorado State University. They were quickly left behind when jsun learned the politics of art professors who try to make their students into army of mini-me's, while those who show an inkling of experimentation and innovation are shot down for their creative efforts.

Many of jsun's images are digitally altered giving it a sense of movement and a sleek, supernatural aura. He expands on many of his pieces by making hand-made frames that include anything from feathers to tiny doors.

Art not for the faint of heart, jsun pulls on traumas and difficulties in his own life to produce his own over-wrought and disturbing essence. When asked what in his life could bring these hauntingly beautiful nightmarish images from him he is apt to say a little something about watching loved ones cope with pain, disease and the helplessness he feels, and not much more.

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