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peacoque le fleur
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My form and process can be described purely as: "applied photographic digital Darwinism." Darwinism is a well-known concept in the world of natural science, psychology and sociology. I believe I have applied it sucessfully to my photographic images, digital paintings and scans. In some of the less evolved works, the original source material is recognizable to the trained eye. Other heavily evolved pieces move beyond resemblance to the original. Because this is all taking place in the the mathematical realm, the process is completely open-ended. Thus, the images suffer no resolution loss and have no limitations to further evolutions. Each piece is, quite simply, a moment in time -much like we are, living within a very large, almost incomprehensible eternal cycle, moving from what we believe is an origin, to a completely new existence in a new form.

I am seeking other artists to link with and I am looking for critiques from professionals. My galleries just went online in March.

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