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Exhibited in California and collected in California and New York, her aim is to make beautiful paintings with thought provoking, mesmerizing content.
As her work explores perception, the bottom line of all art, the stunning beauty provides access while the unfamiliarity invites perception from a different view. Her art prompts the use of intellect and intuition as a means of perceiving and acquiring knowledge. Viewers take their time to look, and report that her paintings are motion pictures that change lives.

"Francine has created a whole new concept in painting; in the sense that the paintings are more than simply a medium on canvas, but something that becomes alive, creating in a sense, a brilliantly colorful moving picture, ever changing without end. . ." --Landa [from guest book at: ]

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Francine has been a painter since 1977. She studied for two years with Art Holman, color-field painter & student of Hans Hofmann. Today, she continues her many years of independent study in metaphysics and painting. She is deeply dedicated to increasing the access of the spirit in art to all. Filled with soaring images, inviting rhythms, your vision will be taken to new heights, to multi-dimensional places when you are with these works of art.

Francine Kohn's new work explores the space where art, science and magic come alive. At first mind-blowing with the dynamic explosion of color and waves of energy, her expansive acrylic and oil paintings are road maps to the integration of the spiritual with the physical. This union results in paintings that unleash a truly vibrant, soulful experience that takes you to a new level of expression and participation.
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