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An MA in Comparative Literature and a former CEO of the Society for the Preservation of Satyajit Ray Films, Kurchi Dasgupta (b. 1974) has also done brief publishing of books and CDs combining arts. She has done illustration and written screenplays. She has done two novels into English from Bengali, among others, and has finally returned to painting.

Based in Calcutta, working out of Kathmandu, she specialises in abstracts and miniatures; in gouache.

"In all my efforts I have tried to recontextualise everyday reality by drilling into the depths of the ‘sub’ or ‘Ur’ conscious, and try and provide the viewer/participator with a new set of tools with which s/he can perceive and interpret existence. Painting, to me, represents more a journey into the ‘self’ and its socio-political location, than most other things. It is an effort to detect and crystallize those common elements that form the basis of our selves across borders.
I am currently working towards developing a more exact and laden visual language that would help me recreate my perceptions (of this very chaotic world and therefore, an equally troubled self) for the viewer/participator in a more easily accessible and relevant manner."

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