martha dawson

Martha Ann Dawson

MARCLEart is crated using elements of film and digital cameras, scanner and computer technologies: conbined with hand drawing and painting.
These ModernMixedMedia techniques were developed by Martha Ann Dawson and are her unique style.

In the beginning, (or very nearly so, one guesses), there were drawings with charcoal and ochre on cave walls. Sometime later brushes and pigments came into use. Egg tempera, oils, acrylics. “Art”, like all other phases of human being, has changed, evolved over the eons of human existence. The ways of producing art, materials used, the purpose and meaning of art, the answer to, “What is art?” all continue to mutate. Each new mutant meeting skepticism, derision, discrimination, yet persisting, interbreeding, succeeding, replacing older forms.
Canvas was a major mutant. So were engraving, the printing press, acrylic paint the camera. The camera! “The camera will replace artists,” it was lamented. But no, the camera, like it’s artistic ancestors, was embraced as a most pleasing family development.
Now , again, come new scions. An ocean’s worth or new genes. Digits. Pixels. Delicate dancing dots doing things to art. Mutants renovating, recreating, rejuvenating, revamping, revitalizing, infusing new inspiration and vigor into the jaded old art family. Enthusiasm, fervor, gusto, passion and zippy zesty zeal are again ascendant.
Choreographed with elements of film and digital cameras, scanner and computer technologies combined with hand drawing and painting, these delicate dots are dancing out ModernMixedMedia in gigabytes of mega pixels.
Staid, stuffy, stolid, kinfolk, exit your ateliers, risk being impregnated by this 256 color jet of inky-dinky dancing dots. 

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