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No matter what you do in your life and at work, you should always do the best and most
beautiful things you can. Most will say that you do not have to be so meticulous or need to do as
much as you do -just the minimum. Well, I think that any task you accomplish should be as
aesthetic as possible; beauty cannot hurt, but remember that doing something beautiful and
simple is often difficult to achieve. Simplicity is difficult .....

MHD .59 or Maximin Lida, American, Born in Paris, France, attended the University of Art and
Philosophy as well as the Technical College of Food and Management. He has obtained a license
and two bachelor’s degrees. Artistically gifted, Maximin Lida spends most of his time working as
an independent Artist in many fields, and creating Art during the past 30 years.

Maximin’s art shows creativity in various genres, versatility, open-mindedness, and flexibility of
style. His art reflects aestheticism and creativity with a message or reflection inspiring

Highly knowledgeable in art, Maximin Lida is in perpetual “war” with artists who produce large
amounts of nonsense solely for the purpose of profiting from today’s art marketplace. Today, Art
in many ways has become a business allowing monetary gain without investment or regard for
expression, true freedom or artistic creativity. Art can be learned in many ways, however, a true
gift and knowledge of art and it’s history should be mandatory requirements for the serious
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