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Mihály Bodó (b. 1957) studied sculpture at the Falculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. His studies of painting are related to the well known Torres Garcia Atelier (TTG). His teacher and friend was the genial New York painter, sadly no longer with us, Bruno Fonseca. One of the most important characteristics of this training is the reworking of traditional painting through a constructive approach.The new generation of this atelier to which Mihály Bodó belongs, attempts to convert painting, using the most recent knowledge and emotions in fine art, into the "celebration of vision" (Nietsche). The general decadence of culture affects the painter as much as the viewer. Despite the recent slump in cuality, painting can still continue to weave its age-old threads. Let´s not forget that painting connects with the deepest human mysteries, and should not be left to the mercy of transitory fashions.
Mihály Bodó´s work, from the earliest paintings onward, presents a unified search: expressivity, construction, a full knowledge of the profession, complete preparation of drawing and plasticity, metaphysical content and the complex use of colours and materials.His earlier studies of engineering and philosophy probably influence the rational structure of the paintings, but behind the image burns a temperament of original talent. In each painting there is an interweaving of pictorial analysis and synthesis. This does not contradict the fact that, according to Bodó, "a piece of work in itself is not important, but rather the daily renaissance and functioning of the atelier, because the vitality of the atelier relates the enigma of personal life with other human thinkers, alive or dead."
CV: Fészek Galéria, Desidea Studio(HUNGARY), Galeria Trama, Galeria Llucia Homs, Galeria Columna, Galeria Greca (SPAIN), Galerie La Belle Hortense (FRANCE),
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