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Mohamed Osman is a self taught artist and practicing Physician in Seattle Washington State. He grew up in world of turquois-blue Indian ocean and tangerine-orange dunes of Merka, Somalia.In his father's tailor shop Osman worked everyday with bolts of fabric in every hue imaginable and he developed an eye for which colors looked best together. This is well reflected in his paintings.

Osman went to Europoe for his medical Education. Her he got liberally exposed to a world of Classical Art. Osman, after his training as a physician, went back to Africa. At the peak of his career he became the United Nations Designated Physician in Africa.

He emigrated to Canada as a a refugee in 1990s. Hi life in Canada was challanged with hardship of North American Experience. eventually He became a resident physician in Toledo Ohio. During the late years of his training he started painting. Currently his works were featured in many medical journals and local newspapers. He did several exibitions including one at Seatac International Airport Gallery. He received so far 2 awards as one of the best african emerging artists in North West.
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