mohammed yasin saddique

Mohammed Yasin SADDIQUE ( b1976 ) in Middlesbrough, (u k), moved to London in 1992.both of Saddique's parents are from Pakistan who came to England in the 1950s. Saddique is the 6th elders from his siblings of 7.

Painter of figures, portraits, nude, still life and landscapes in acrylic, oil, and mixed medium. Self-taught as an artist. His work can largely be described as being abstract / contemporary. He has been painting since the age 16 whilst looking after his disabled father now passed away 2003, Saddique currently Living and working in London UK.


I am currently working on a series of head studies and landscapes, which are as a result of my trip to Pakistan recently; I was intrigued by the impressions on peoples faces each one tells a story of anguish and hurt which is hidden behind the happy face and I was impressed with the vibrant landscape of Pakistan and other countries I have visited

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