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Energy series-VI
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· Name of the Artist >>M.senthilnathan

· Date of Dbirth >> 28 / 02 / 1975

· Academic Qualification >> Bachelor of Fine arts-B.F.A(Painting) pondicherry University-2001//Master of Fine arts-M.F.A(Graphics)
Indira kala sangeet university, Chattisgarh-2004//U.G.C – NET (Eligibility for Lectureship – 2004 Dec)

· Additional Qualification >> Textile Designing and stage craft//Computer applications (Adobe Photoshop cs2, Corel Draw)//Stage Background Designing //Interior Designing.

· Scholarships and honors >>Academic Merit Scholarship-1999(B.F.A)//Young Talented artist - 2005 SZCC, Tanjore.//

· Projects/Dissertation>>Tantra Art- An Anthology (B.F.A)//Metaphysical Art- Tantra (M.F.A). //

· National Exhibitions Participation and Awards>> // Camlin 2nd Southern Region Art Exhibition 2001 // // Sczccc National Art Exhibition. Nagpur 2004//Camlin 6th Southern Region Art Exhibition 2004/ Camlin 7th Southern Region Art Exhibition 2005//All India Art Exhibition 2006.Amritsar//All India Art Exhibition – pune 2006//All India Art exhibition – Lucknow2006//Agnipath all India Art exhibition – New Delhi2006//Bombay Art Society –All India art Exhibition 2007//All India Fine Arts Society –New Delhi 2007//SCZCC National art Exhibition –Nagpur 2007

· International Exhibitions Participations >>Kochi 6th international Print Biennial –Japan2004 2005// V Printing Festival 2006 EVORA.portugal//5 International Graphic Triennal. BITOLA (Macedonia)//2006 Iowa Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Miniature Prints.America//12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C. Taiwan/ Finland International mini print competition -2007.

· International Exhibitions Selections >>>> IOWA – USA international Miniature mini-prints – 2006 / Macedonia – international printing Biennial(Faces and signs)-2006/ V Printing Festival 2006 EVORA.portugal-2006/

· Painting and printing camps >> Aurodan Art Gallery .Pondicherry 2006//Bharat Bhavan 24th National print-making camps2006

· Solo Shows >> Vision – Metamorphosis. Khairagarh I.K.S.V Camp/Alliance Françoise (Pondicherry)/ Mukti Art Gallery, (Kottakuppam)/ Aurolec Cafeteria (Auroville).

· Group Shows >>Art fest 2004 ( Khairagarh)/Art Mela –2005 (Pondicherry)/ Sczcc All India Art Competition -2002004 /Agnipath All India exhibition – New Delhi /Iowa-USA , international miniature biennial Exhibition /Macedonia international Print Biennial -2006,Britan/Bombay Art Society-Jehanghir Art Gallery,Bombay2007/AIFACS-New Delhi 2007

· Work Collections >> India / France/ Belgium/ Japan /America/ Portugal and many other private collections.

At present working as Freelancer at Bharat Bhavan (Graphic studio), Bhopal-

Permanent Address:

# 115, Thanthai periyar nagar, 6th cross,
Residency: 0413-2202174
Mobile : 0-9893990389
e-mail : meta_morphosis2005@yahoo.com

Description of Art -Artist Statement:

Every ones life is one or another way linked with some kind of Meta physical things like you can call it as supernatural powers, Almighty, God, anything beyond the human conception –beyond human cerebral – beyond human logic. My quest to is to delve into that feelings, which is always comes to the surface of my consciousness often when my mind start to float like a leaf in a big ocean of space. The works submitted are all of such abstract visions that arise from the very bottom of my Sub consciousness level and transforming to a transcendental state. Collography is just a media to express but the works is already done inside me.


The works that I have submitted is collography. Collography is a technique practiced in print making, in which the Artist can use any kind of waste materials or the immediate things that available around (Materials that should not damage the printing machine or the printing paper) to create the desired textures or the forms or the designs, by pasting or cutting or stencils for creating the collage type of works. The works that I have submitted are created in such a way.

Collography is a spontaneous way of making an artwork, whether it is a monotype or mono print, the end result is always vibrant and colorful. Usually it is done with cheap and easily available materials. The Block is made by using the Mount boards or the Card boards over which the materials you want to glue can be pasted by any kind of glues and to create the desired designs or any creative forms, is the basic of collography. Once you start to practice the medium, you automatically start to understand the endless possibilities of the medium and for the endless possibilities of color application by using
Viscosity rollers and stencils.

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