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My painting, essentially abstrait, distinguistes by the work on colors and lights.
Indeed, my pictures can modify and take another face by simply being given a different lightening.

My technic, principally based on oil enables me to play on light.

Why oil?

Because it is a deep substance made of suades that dries very slowly so, I can write on my paintings in a deeper way , almost fusionnel. My texts are made of poemes and songs, about various themes.

The writing is willingly almost unread but leaves the spectator discern a few words.
This doesn't mean that I am afraid to be read but I want to give people some freedom on my pictures. Not giving titles to my paintings allows the greatest liberty imagination.

I like to define my paintings as paradoxal. On their paradoxal side colors, generally light and dynamic can be opposed to the texts and teh oil put is dense coat.

According to me, art is first of all a matter of sensations. You don't need to be a professional to complate a picture and be moved by it.
If, by seeing may paintings, the spectator experiances any feeling, I can cousider that I've reached my goal which is to share some emotions
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