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The gallery of the Swedish artist.
Britt.I.Olofsson (BIO)

After studies at the University of Gothenburg resulting in a degree of P.R.
She started worlking , as a photographer in Gothenburg.

In 1989 she moved to Cyprus, and started her own company. BIO.ART.

In 1995 she started to sell her art on the market in the USA,and in 1 year she sold 15 paintings in the USA,

Today she sells her BIO art worldwide via the internet.
Her art is Avalible in USA(silvestri Gallery,Chicago ,& Bernadh Gallery.)
In Sweden her art is for sale at the KIA-Gallery in Lulea

In April 2000 she created a new art Gallery called BRAVE & FREE..

This is a online-gallery for Swedish ,"new" artist who will sell ther art in the gallery.
She have now moved back to Sweden

Studios of Britt.I Olofsson(BIO)

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