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Paul Chisholm

Artists Statement

Following a Fine Art Degree at Nottingham Trent University. Paul undertook study at both The
Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Holland and The Cyprus College of Art. He is now living and
working in London and is a member of the Leamington Society of Artists.

He is slowly gaining a reputation for his rather unusual Art Works. For over five years he has
been collecting remnants from places of historic significance, great natural beauty and of
ecological interest. He now possesses an archive of around three hundred and fifty samples from
around the globe.

Each sample he collects is unique in relation to the time, the place and the people who created it.
However, it is also integral to the life and death cycles in our ecosystem. We are born, we live and
then we die, eventually turning to dust but creating it constantly throughout our existence.

The processes the Artist employs to create the work could be categorized into various
disciplines: -forensics, archaeology, science, and aesthetics.

He has stated that he paints with light, laser, electron particles and lenses to create his work. By
utilising a hi-tech microscope Paul Chisholm discovers the hidden splendour and intricacies of
dust. What society perceives to be unclean and to be swept away, Paul preserves and presents as
tender and beautiful.

Limited edition prints in varying sizes are available. Also he provides a bespoke service for your
own dust from your home or special place to be immortalised into a print.

Both these are available by contacting the artist at
Studios of paul chisholm

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